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Precizan Laboratories Inc. is an innovative, leading-edge, analytical chemistry company focused on all aspects of petrochemical and lubricant analysis. Our team is comprised of experienced, professional chemists and dynamic, hands-on people who are both oil testers and oil users; this places us in the singular position of building a company based on both perspectives.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, our mission is to provide a specialized alternative for laboratories and companies seeking excellence in calibration standards and testing materials, complex materials analysis and testing services, method development and consultation. We are committed to distinguishing ourselves as the new industry standard in terms of products, services and dedication to our clients' needs.


Precizan operates a fully equipped laboratory geared specifically towards the manufacturing of certified reference materials and providing the resources required for a wide array of materials testing services for the oil testing industry. We enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to share our expertise and explore partnership possibilities with fellow oil analysis professionals.

Quality Products and Services

At Precizan Laboratories Inc., what separates our Certified Reference Materials from the competition is the quality of our products. Continually improving upon our ISO 9001, ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34- approved methodologies, you can rely on Precizan to bring you the most accurate, precise, pure and stable calibration standards and materials available today.

With concentrations quantified and validated in-house using separate methods, the possibility of error is virtually eliminated. With the use of NIST-traceable test materials further ensuring the accuracy of our calibration standards, it is easy to understand why Precizan's customers are confident they are laying a solid foundation for their own analyses.

Our Services

Precizan Laboratories Inc. is pleased to offer Elemental Analysis services to our customers. Precizan seeks to develop partnerships with customers, whereby they can then take advantage our state-of the art testing facilities and expertise in elemental analysis to satisfy their testing requirements.

Focusing primarily on organic matrices, Precizan offers:

  • metallic and non-metallic elemental analysis,
  • ISO 17025 certified methods and facility*,
  • % level down to sub-ppm concentrations,
  • Accurate, Precise analysis with NIST traceability where applicable

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